Elegant Rose - Diagonal Resize
Welcome to the little blog from Caro and Chris. We are two friends from Germany and have much fun by creating stuff for Sims homes. We hope you'll find some things you like.....if you're looking for Christins houses you'll find them at DOMICILE*2*


Pocci Artichoke Bowl

A small Christmas Gift for you....

I´m a huge fan from Pocci´s creations and  I really love her wonderful ArtichokeBowl,
and I think we need more recolor now here they are...
The mesh is included with her permission, credit and thanks goes to her.

Have a Happy Holiday


Santa has arrived......

A week ago  I got a PM of our dear friend Chrisa 
from Colorsims that Santa has arrived 
us earlier this year...
we were really thrilled about this news....
this is our first gift from friends on our blog 
and we are full of thanks to Chrisa
see what Santa has brought us...

A. Out In The Woods for Caro
There are 20 rc's included in the zip file. 
Everything is named as it shows in previews 
(but not everything is pictured), 
organized and compressed. All meshes 
included. Thanks to the creators 
and their friendly policies.

 Cassandre's - White Living Curtain
 Jonesi's - Bed Blanket
 Jope's - Girlroom 4 Pillow
  Lehee's - Curio Bedroom 15 Degree Pillow
 MNV - Bedding
 MysticRain - Serenity Fluffy Pillow
 Nanu - Mao Floor Pillow

B. Out In The Woods for Chris
There are 16 rc's included in the zip file. 
Everything is named as it shows in previews
 (but not everything is pictured), 
organized and compressed. All meshes included.
 Thanks to the creators and their friendly policies.

Ez2ciamaprincess - Meyer Bedroom Pillow
Jonesi's - Bed Blanket
 Lehee's - Curio Bedroom 15 Degree Pillow
 MNV - Bedding
MysticRain - Serenity Fluffy Pillow


Winter bedroom

crazy by the Holiday Season I made a
 mix & match bedroom
I use the planks headboard
 from Hannie's BYOB set here
the MNV Rising Sun bedding and 
the wonderful cushions from
 BillyJeans "Curio bedroom" 
Antka made some slave versions 
so take a look here

all meshes are include with permission 
thanks and credits goes to all of them



Aikea X-Mas wallhanger

I found some scrap motives for Christmas to made
 your Sim homes ready for the Holiday time
the mesh is included with permission
all Thanks and credits goes to 
wonderful Aikea for his work


Murano - Chis sideboard

I made some colors for myself and 
thought I can share them with you all

you can grab the mesh here
all thanks goes to Murano for her work


Ohbehaves IKEA study

I know in the meantime there are tons 
of recolors of this awesome set but 
what I had in my mind if I saw this is to try to catch the typical Ikea color pattern and style  
(or something it comes close to this)

  you can grab the meshes here
 all thanks and credits goes to Kim/Ohbehave




Aikea Guinea - Leaves

I  made them last year and totally
 forget them *lol* now, before
 the next spring is coming
 it's time to share them 

the mesh is included with permission
 all thanks and credits goes to Aikea


MysticRain's Serenity Sofas 3+4

The second part of Marie's lovely sofas
you'll find the meshes here and here
credits goes to Engelchen for her texture

Set 3
 Set 4

Painted wood

someday we found this inspiration picture in the Net
 and I tried to create some walls like these. 

I also use Impis Attics, you'll find 3 recolors
 in an extra folder (don't forget the meshes)
and this is what we came up