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Welcome to the little blog from Caro and Chris. We are two friends from Germany and have much fun by creating stuff for Sims homes. We hope you'll find some things you like.....if you're looking for Christins houses you'll find them at DOMICILE*2


Christin´s House Cleaning

Hello friends, 

we celebrate our 2 ANNIVERSARY this month

during the last time I made tons of recolor for myself, 
so my attic is filled with so much clutter and I thought I share it with you!

Thanks to the wonderful creators, all meshes are included!

Billyjean´s Retro-deco lamp with painting

Kativip MS Bar Photos

Lamp-MangoSims gift for Simbellas hangout

Music stand by sims.enorth

KCR PB nursery basket

Sifive living chair

Charmed Family Photos by dgandy

Holiday Blanket by Tinkle 

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