Blue Snowflake
Welcome to the little blog from Caro and Chris. We are two friends from Germany and have much fun by creating stuff for Sims homes. We hope you'll find some things you like.....if you're looking for Christins houses you'll find them at DOMICILE*2


VitaSims - Costa Tropical Chair+Loveseat

somewhere in the past I made the chairs 
of this beautiful set, find them in the deep 
of my folder and started again to make 
some matching love seats
you can grab the mesh here
all thanks and credits goes to the creator

Pixelsims Curtains set 3

sorry if I bother you with curtains
but I couldn't stop myself *lol*
the mesh is included because 
the site is down
all thanks and credits goes 
to Hellena for her work

Fantasie walls

I found this inspiration picture 
somewhere in the net

and Christin and me created together
these walls, I'm sending tons of images
via Email to her and she gives me her
criticism till we both are
satisfied how they came up
 this time the in game shots are 
from Christins "Maison Jade"


KATE´s woodcutters fridge

Here comes 8 recolor from Kate´s fantastic woodcutters-fridge.
The rec. are for the Seasons-and the Basegame Version
( after a request from Hexe) and you find the mesh HERE
Thanks and credit goes to Kate, I really love these fridge.


BV Poster recolors

you find the meshes for the smaller sizes
and the little ones for the table here
all credits and thanks goes to Kara

Nemestnaya - Atellier Chesterfield Pillows

some more colors of the wonderful
 cushions from Nemestnaya's great set 
I recolored only the "Scrapbook Pillow" 
and the "Paisley Pillow" 
the "Antropologie Pillow" isn't 
 recolorable unfortunately
meshes are here
all credits and Thanks goes 
to Nemestnaya for her work

Old blue


X-Mas sets

Today I'll share some sets of Christmas 
items I've done last year 
but never release
may be this is the right day 
Happy 1. Advent

needed meshes

Set 1

Set 2

Set 3

Set 4

Set 5


Steffor - a Weekend in Paris - curtains

A long time ago I tried to figure
 out how to make this beautiful 
curtains transparently...
 and with the help 
of some friends I'm able to do it

you'll find the mesh here
all thanks goes to Steffor

but special THANKS goes 
to Hanneke,
AnYe and Amythestfenix 
for their help

8-3 girl cushion

I found these cushion in the deep 
of my recolor folder.... made them 
in the past for my friend Chris 
and I thought it's time to share 
them with you all
whole set is here
all credits and thanks goes to 8-3

BV Travelposter horizontal

made them from different Artist's ( I know there where tons of them recolored ) may be you'll need them
meshes are here from 
the wonderful Imhwjis / Laura


Nemestnaya's "Pretty in Pink" curtains

I found some nice lace overlay here 
and decided to use them for this
wonderful curtains from Nemestnaya
you can grab the mesh here
all thanks goes to the creator

AnYe's little dresser

This dresser was made by AnYe as
a request for mimisouris and 
I couldn't resist to made some recols 

you can grab the mesh here
all credits and THANKS goes 
to AnYe for her work

Autumn country walls


Fleamarket 10

the last fleamarket objects for this month 
are from my favorite artist NANU
some recolors of his Herka book stacks
meshes are here
all credits goes to NANU


Fleamarket 9

this cute little wallboard is made by AnYe
you'll find the mesh here
all credits and THANKS goes to AnYe

Fleamarket 8

NANU's Latia berry branch
 I love this beautiful vase with the berries 
but I miss more here they are
all credits and THANKS goes
to NANU for her work
mesh is here


Fleamarket 7

Letters & Numbers
Here are 3 recolors of the 
OM-mesh for square-painting 1207
All credits and thanks goes to 
OM for the great work.
Mesh is included.

Fleamarket 6

I fell in love with these adorable heart strings
you can grab the mesh here
a big THANK YOU goes to 
Tinhouse for her work

Fleamarket 5

Today we have new colors of the little
cabinet and some paintings
meshes are from AnYe
thank you for your work


Fleamarket 4

Here are some recolors of the wooden crate 
and the flower pot from AnYe
meshes are here
all credits and Thanks goes to AnYe

Fleamarket 3

The third are some pots from  
AnYe's Cassie set and 
the vintage pots from Nemestnaya
you find the meshes here
all thanks and credits goes to them


Fleamarket 2

The second are some flower pots 
from AnYe's Cassie set,
the stacked soupballs from Sugizo
and the teacups from Nemestnaya
meshes are here
all credits and Thanks goes to them

Fleamarket 1

At first we offer some watercans
from billyjean and 
some soupballs from Sugizo
you can find the meshes here
all credits and Thanks goes to them


AnYe - mixed dining

AnYe has opened her own site "Pink Box" 
this month and MTQ was the first who send 
some request *lol* .....I mixed the wonderful 
"MTQ chair" with the table from 
AnYe's "Toska dining"
all credits and thank you's goes 
to AnYe for her work

meshes: Toska set and MTQ chair