Blue Snowflake
Welcome to the little blog from Caro and Chris. We are two friends from Germany and have much fun by creating stuff for Sims homes. We hope you'll find some things you like.....if you're looking for Christins houses you'll find them at DOMICILE*2


Steffor - Ethno curtain

this older set has now 6 more recolors because Christin requested some lighter colors, I hope you like them too
mesh is here 
all credits and Thanks goes to Steffor

white bricks and tiles

Billyjean - Danielle antique postbox

I tried to made some more colors 
of this little postbox
may be they worth for sharing
you can grab the mesh here
all credits and thanks
 goes to billyjean

wardrobes - Aikea Guinea mesh

some deco wardrobes made with the "wall writing crazy" mesh
the mesh is included with permission
all credits and Thanks goes to Aikea Guinea

Simfantastic - Chinacabinet

I made these for the Romantic 
Theme weeks at CBS
you can grab the mesh here
all credits goes to the creator

NANU - Lami sisal rug Set1

may be you need some more 
colors of this rug?
mesh is here
all credits goes to NANU

B43 - Maritim painting

a long time ago I made 4 recolors of this wonderful painting set,
now I saw that one is mirrored 
and I fixed that
so if you've download them in the past
 may be you want to re-download it, 
the file will overwrite the old one
you can grab the mesh here
all credits goes to Birgit43


Jope - dining 8 sideboard

I saw this idea to look inside the sideboard by Sugizo and try to do the same with this sideboard from Jope....I'm not as satisfied as I want to be with the sharpness but my Muse Christin and Martine said they are okay  for sharing
you can grab the mesh here
all credits goes to Jope for her work

NANU - Nabu tree

I need a recol for the CMC contest
 at BPS and made some more
 because I couldn't decide which
 one looks better
may be you would like to have them?
meshes will find here
all credits and thanks goes to NANU

HS - Oslo Lounge + Alexis cushions

a while ago I found this lovely sofa and
started to made some recolors 
then I found these wonderful cushions 
and mixed them together
sofa mesh is here and the mesh
of the cushions is included 
 because it's a dead site
all credits goes to the creators
sorry I know it's a very big set but you can 
delete which you didn't want

Garage doors


ANYE's - Talia armchair + dresser

Anye made this lovely set for CBS Forum and I want to have some more colors *lol*
the meshes are included with her permission
all thanks and credits goes to AnYe

HolySimoly - MountainRetreatStair

I fell in love with this beautiful stair 
you'll find the mesh here
thanks and credits goes 
to the creator

BuggyBooz - Planter 2

I just realize that I forget to recolor the second size of some planters, so for those of you who has downloaded this set from CBS please re-download it if you want to have all colors for all planters
you find the mesh here
all credits goes to Buggybooz for her work

SIP - Living 7 sofa+chair

more colors of this cute mesh from Jasmin, 
it's a pleasure to recolor this set
you can grab the meshes here
all credits goes to Jasmin for her work



From Nemestnaya´s  lovely 
"Vanity Affair Set",
I have made 6 recolor from
 the mannequin.
Thanks and credit goes to 
Patricia for her wonderful work.
You can grab the mesh HERE


8-3 Old cupboard small

these little cupboard is so cute and
 I thought we could need 
some more colors 
mesh is here all credits
 goes to the creator

ADELE - Super Chouette poster

these recolors are made during my work on my first CMC entry 
and I think I'll share them with you all
you can grab the mesh here
all credits goes to Adele

colored doors


NANU - Nabu boxes

I love this boxes but I'm so bored
 about only one color, 
so I made them for us
mesh is here
all credits goes to Nanu

Pixelsims - LongLace curtains

some more recolors of this beautiful mesh
the site isn't available at the moment so I included the mesh
all credits goes to Helena

POCCI's - Yellow inspiration dining

I made them for a Romantic Theme
you can grab the meshes here
all credits goes to Pocci for her work