Blue Snowflake
Welcome to the little blog from Caro and Chris. We are two friends from Germany and have much fun by creating stuff for Sims homes. We hope you'll find some things you like.....if you're looking for Christins houses you'll find them at DOMICILE*2


IWLL foto frames 27&28

are you the one who can never 
have enough?
I am the one who can stop 
myself making more
I found some pop art motives and 
some nice wordart I like

don't forget to grab the meshes here
these requires IKEA EP

paisley dipped endtable part2

some day Chris as always find 
an inspiration in the web


 and we decided to try something
 similar with this little table
the mesh is included
all credits goes to paisley/Mari



Latte macciato


AnYe's modu dresser

some little ones from AnYes
 new set here 
the mesh is included 
with permission 
all thanks goes to AnYe
 for her work


BillyJean retro desk

I found this in game and ask myself 
is it possible that there are no recols????
so now we have some
the mesh is included
all credits to billyjean/Leehee