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Welcome to the little blog from Caro and Chris. We are two friends from Germany and have much fun by creating stuff for Sims homes. We hope you'll find some things you like.....if you're looking for Christins houses you'll find them at DOMICILE*2


Cosyness - part3 dining & kitchen

the third part of my house....
credits goes to AnYe, kacicka/pavli,
 pixelry, Inzey, paisley, buggybooz, 
moxxa, Luciatorres,
8-3 studio
all meshes are included

 kacicka slim tables 

  kacicka deer head

 LuciaTorres Penguin chair 

AnYe Modu stool

  Inzey Mimosa Fern 

  paisley Awesims midcentury art

8-3 cafe ou lait bowls

 BB Shaker bowl (it is the master 
mesh for both bowls,deco plate 
+3casserols all meshes included) 
pixelry MadamStolz choppinboard
(sorry no in game pics)

3 Kommentare:

  1. Such a beautiful set, thank you! I use everything you create and it is always so lovely. Thank you for not giving up on us!

  2. thank you so much Elizabeth I'm happy that you like our stuff

  3. Beautiful! Just love it. thank you so much.


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