Blue Snowflake
Welcome to the little blog from Caro and Chris. We are two friends from Germany and have much fun by creating stuff for Sims homes. We hope you'll find some things you like.....if you're looking for Christins houses you'll find them at DOMICILE*2


NANU - Latia tree

more colors for the pots.....
I was so bored by the same old
 color of this beautiful pot
 so I made a few recolors
you can grab the mesh here
all credits and Thanks goes to NANU


Springcollection part 2

some shirts for your's Springtime
the mesh from Akea Guinea is included 
with permission as always

Green Panels


JOPE - Bedroom 11 paintings

here are some more recolors from Jope
mesh is here
all credits and Thanks goes to Jope

KATIVIP - Hospital wardrobe

I couldn't resit to recolor this wonderful dresser *lol* 
I made only the closed version but if you in need 
of the open one you can ask me
you can grab the meshes here
all credits goes to kativip for her work


MIRA - Ruben nook

colorful visions of Mira's beautiful 
Ruben reading nook
all credits goes to the
 wonderful Mira
you can grab the 
meshes here

For Martine - Laced curtains

this was a request from my dearest 
friend Martine, she ask for 
some pastel recolors of different
meshes are from MysticVelvet 
here, here and here
 also from Helena/Pixelsims 
they are included


Hebeline - columns and arches

this is a very big set with 24 recolors
 (not all shown), 
the arches are slaved and takes 
the textures of the columns
all credits goes to Hebeline for her mesh
the mesh is included

ADELE - Gothic Frames

some different recols from ADELE's gorgeous picture set, 
I hope there is one for every taste *lol*
meshes are here
all credits goes to ADELE

Letter set

NANU - Latia sideboard and doors

some of my older recolors... 
you'll find the mesh here
all credits goes to NANU


Baby clothes - Aikea mesh

again a set with the wonderful mesh from the great Aikea....
this time Baby clothes for decorating your child rooms 
and some cloth hanger
the mesh is included with permission



Birgit43 Polsterbett

3 recolors from Birgit43 "Polsterbett"
Thanks and credit goes to Birgit.
You can find the mesh HERE

Buggybooz - Planter 5

moooore pot's??? 
to make your home and garden more colorful...
you'll find the mesh here
all credits and thanks goes to  
Buggybooz for her lovely work


ADELE - Super Chouette

these Textures are a bit 
more men like 
all credits goes to ADELE for 
her gorgeous work
you can grab the meshes here


NANU - Latia Armoire

I know I've said that before - 
I love the work from 
NANU *lol*
some colorful variations 
of this Armoire
all credits goes to NANU 
for her work

Steffor - poolparty

this is a mix of different meshes from Steffor/Avallon
they allowed to put the meshes in 
so all thanks goes to Avalon

thunderwitch - Handtuecher

time for a new bath style ? some more recolors of this wonderful mesh from thunderwitch/BlackysZoo
you can grab it here


JOPE - Living 7 sofa and cushion's

moooore recolors of Jope's 
fantastic mesh , I couldn't
 stop myself so there are 9 
more in your download folder 
or you have to delete which 
one you didn't like

Crazy Collection - MysticRain's Earthliving cushion

thank you Marie/MysticRain for this lovely mesh

VitaSims - Cottage BR Curtains

because I fell in love with these curtains
 I thought you're in need 
to have some more colors *lol 
get the mesh 
all credits goes to VitaSims 
for their work

JOPE - living room 5

 From Jope´s living room 5 
4 recolor from the chair, coffetable, pillow and blanket.
The mesh is included.
Thanks and credit goes to Jope for the wonderful work


HS - Simply Elegant Curtains

nearly 18 recolors I made of this 
fantastically mesh , 
I couldn't decide which one 
I didn't like and so it is a really
 big DL and you have to 
decide yourself 
if you want to delete one or two

Bella's bedcover+Jope BR 10 pillows

I mixed some recols of "Bella's bedcover for Kat" with 
Jope's bedroom 10 pillows
meshes are here and here
all credits goes to Bella and Jope for there work