Blue Snowflake
Welcome to the little blog from Caro and Chris. We are two friends from Germany and have much fun by creating stuff for Sims homes. We hope you'll find some things you like.....if you're looking for Christins houses you'll find them at DOMICILE*2


CHaze Painting

My Christmas Gift 2017 for SimPearls was a lot of recolor from
Cordelia Haze 700 Follower Painting, 
one of my favorit...

you can grab it.......on SimPearls.


fareast sovrum living

I love this sofa but the colors aren't 
mine so I started to create some 
of my taste
the pillow mesh is from pixelry 
(it will overwrite the other) 
she made it shiftable and I found 
it more usefull
all meshes included
thanks goes to fareast & pixelry


ciel nocturne


Pillows shiftable Part 1

I´m so exited, I´ve learn to make pillows shiftable
and here is what I have done at first.

1. Crissi´s Hideout blanket
2. AnYe Good Life messy pillows
3. Yuliya83 rectangular pillow
4.FarEast Kilburne Bedroom Pillow
5. Crissi´s Hideout pillows
6. PetuniaMea Knot pillow
7. 13P Foxtrott Pillow 1 + 2

All recolor are shown in game.
Please delete the original mesh, they will conflict withe these.

If you are interested Antka has also made some pillows shiftable



Millas coronet sideboard

my inspiration....
you'll find Inzey's whole set here
the mesh is included
all thanks goes to ther creators

simtomatic rugs part6

more rugs.....
you can never have enough

the meshes are included
all credits goes to simtomatic